Pregnany ​& Postpartum
"There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one."

"I understand" and "I know what you are going through," are two things they encourage us to stay away from when training to be a counselor.  However, I do understand, and I do know, because I've been there.  I experienced postpartum depression and anxiety. I experienced wanting "my old life back." I wanted to "get away" for a few days (weeks) in hopes of coming back a better mother and wife.  I experienced a disconnect in my marriage I thought I would never recover from. You are not alone!

Postpartum strips a woman of joy when she is supposed to feel it the most.  I know there are nights when the mere thought of the sun going down creates anxiety about another sleepless night.  I know you feel the pressure to get out, make plans, and be presentable ( and happy) when others come over.  I know leaving your baby is hard, but I also know that being with them all day seems endless. I know scary thoughts come in that you are afraid to tell others. I feel your guilt, irritation, anger, and frustration. I am here, mama!

Please believe me when I say that although it doesn't feel this way now, with help......
You WILL start feeling better
You WILL stop crying and feeling guilty
You WILL enjoy your new life with baby and partner

You ARE doing a great job
You ARE a great mother
You ARE a great partner
You ARE beautiful
You ARE enough

Until you can believe the above, allow me to be that hope for you.