Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

Recovery Happens

There is Support

Maybe you have found yourself drinking more than usual.  Maybe you are realizing that the presciptions you take are having a bigger impact on your life than was intended.

​Whether it is substance abuse or dependence, drugs and alcohol impact what you love and care about.  They tell you that you need "something" in order to feel "normal," in order to feel "better," in order to "be social."  It takes over and begins to impact every aspect of your life, and in the process, you start to loose yourself.....
But recovery is possible!  You can take control of your life and learn to live the happy, healthy life you deserve.  You can develop coping skills, prevent relapse, mend relationships,  and love yourself again.  I am here to help you on that journey.
Reaching out is difficult when struggling with substance abuse.  You may think it "isnt that bad," or "you are handling it fine," but getting support earlier gives you the best chance of working on whatever has brought you to this point.  

I have close to 6 years working in the substance abuse field in both inpatient residential treatment programs as well as community outpatient treamtent programs.  It is my passion to help those desiring to begin, continue on, or maintain, their recovery journey.